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About Us

Who are we?

Want to know about us? Read on then. We, the people behind highestcasinobonus.net are not that different from you. We used to be new kids on the block, used to search for hours and even days for the best online casino bonuses, used to play at different casinos, some of which were better than the others.

Frankly, it was difficult for each of us. If you wanted to enjoy yourself you really had to do tons of research into the casino’s background, bonuses and every aspect of it. We thought it just isn’t worth it. To be honest, playing at casino should be an enjoyable pastime.

People should enjoy the time spent at a casino, not spend it on research. After a little talk in the privacy of our home we decided to start this website to provide you the  best casino bonuses we’ve seen on the market, the best casino’s we’ve played at, the best payment methods that we’ve used and what there is to High Roller and VIP treatment.

About the authors

I’m Michael Owell, and together with my wife Katherine, we’ve been through a lot. Our love affair with online casinos started around 2008 when some of the best-known ones appeared. First, we started to play for fun, spending hours playing one against the other. Then we thought: “Why we don’t give it a try?” So we did.

It didn’t go as well as we planned though. I can’t say we’re poor, by we’re not rich. I work as a contractor while my wife is a nurse at the local hospital, so we didn’t have that much money to throw around. Back then we didn’t know how to properly choose a good casino, so I can certainly say that most of our losses during that period were from negligence on our behalf.

Mike and Katherine

Michael and Katherine Owell

It all changed when we started to pay attention to websites just like the one we’ve started. These are real oases in the ocean of online casinos, providing players such as you, my wife and me with valuable information and advice on everything there is to know about online casinos. When we were searching for a place that we can truly trust, we came across ACC-EX, a betting service without restriction.

Since then, things went up and now we don’t only play for fun, but occasionally we go for the real deal. I can’t say we win much, but it’s enough to provide us with the opportunity to enjoy a movie or dinner at a fancy restaurant every week or so.

So friends, if you decide to venture into the world of online gambling, try to follow any advice you get and be responsible. You don’t want to lose any more than you can afford to. Good luck to you from us!

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