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The top 5 betting winners of the decade!

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2020 is already here, but the start of a new decade is not something that happens every day, so, let’s take a trip down memory lane and take a look at 5 of the luckiest bettors of the decade and their amazing winnings! And if you want to keep in tune with the betting world this year as well, keep an eye at our News section!

Anonymous bettor wins big with Leicester City’s miracle run

Leicester City were the underdogs to win the Premier League in 2015 with odds of 5000/1, and the incredible run that led them to be the Premier League champions that year is a tale that will live on forever. But another historical moment was created thanks to that amazing run! Before their miracle run, an anonymous bettor placed a £100 bet on the team winning the Premier League title. When the bet was made, Leicester City was a 2,000/1 underdog. The punter won £200,000 with this bet (over $250,000 USD).

Bettor turns $5 into a six-figure payout in Las Vegas

One anonymous bettor hit the jackpot at William Hill sportsbooks in 2016!. The Las Vegas bettor went 15-for-15 picking straight-up basketball winners on a progressive parlay card with a $5 entry fee. The bettor Miraculously correctly selected 12 college basketball winners over the weekend. And that’s not all, he also picked two NBA winners: the Detroit Pistons and the Golden State Warriors. The total value of the bettor’s ticket was $305,375.

Bettor cashes in twice with Cardinals’ World Series win

Before the 2011 MLB season, someone went to the MGM sportsbook in Vegas and placed two bets that would make history. First, he put $250 in hopes that the St. Louis Cardinals would win the National League. Then he wagered another $250 on the Cardinals winning the World Series. With $500 laid down, the unnamed bettor was blessed with a victory from the Cardinals and the anonymous bettor was able to cash in his two winning tickets for $375,000.

£0.80 bet gives a six-figure payout

In November 2011 the biggest payout of the month went to an anonymous bettor from Malta, who made a bet of just 80 pence (about $1 USD more or less). The punter’s bet was made on a 19-match accumulator with record-breaking odds of 683,738/1. Somehow, he correctly predicted the outcome of all 19 matches, which ended with Liverpool’s victory over Chelsea. The punter won more than 585,000 British pounds (over $740,000 USD) with his bet.

Anonymous punter wins enormous accumulator bet

Back in 2017, an anonymous punter placed a record-breaking bet on Coral, who had to pay out the largest bet it has ever paid for that 19-pound (about $24 USD) accumulator bet. There were high odds on a five-fold accumulator bet, and after wagering only 19 pounds, the punter walked away with 823,000 pounds (about $1.04 million USD).

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