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High Roller Games

When it comes high roller games, different casinos have different options. However, we have compiled some information about the most demanded games by high rollers, available at the most popular online casinos.
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High stakes roulette

RouletteRoulette is a game of chance high rollers enjoy. Casinos tend to provide their VIP players with higher betting amounts. So, if you enjoy roulette, we recommend that you first of all check if the chosen online casino has the VIP membership up for grabs. If it does, rest assured that you will be able to make a request to VIP support and have your limits increased. While most online casinos have no table limits, the limitations on inside bets can vary from $100 to $5,000, while the limits on outside bets are generally higher, reaching as much as $10,000. So, if you’re into thrilling high stakes gambling, roulette will fit your bill nicely.

High stakes blackjack

BlackjackBlackjack, where stakes can reach astonishing heights, is one of the most popular casino games available featured in motion pictures all around the world. It is especially liked by high stake players because generally these possess the necessary skill to reduce and turn the house edge to their advantage. The usual limitations in blackjack are maximum bet amount and the maximum per table. The limits vary depending on the casino. Players can find casinos with table and single bet limits around $200-250, while there are places where these reach up to $30,000. Yet again, being a VIP player goes in pair with special treatment, thus you should be able to customize your betting limits in most online casinos that provide VIP loyalty programs.

High stakes baccarat

BaccaratLet’s take a look at baccarat, the high stakes version of it. Although it might not be as popular as roulette or blackjack, being a great way to enjoy yourself,  it’s still in great demand. Despite the odds being not as favorable as for example in blackjack, this game certainly ranks high when it comes to house edge, which is generally just over 1%. High-stake bet limits vary from “as little” as $250 to as much as $5,000. If you want to give your intuition a try, go ahead and see who’s the winning party: the player or the banker.

High stakes craps

CrapsWhen it comes to high stakes gambling, craps can’t be omitted. Craps gives the players that wager large amounts of money the advantage of multiple bets remaining on the table until a 7 is rolled. That’s what makes craps one of the best choices for high rollers. As it is with roulette, in craps the player faces two kinds of limitations – table and maximum bet limits. In certain cases the cap might be set from around $300 to $5,000. Most of the times online casinos offer craps with no table limit. Other casinos offer single bets that can go up to $5,000, which given the fact that you are a VIP, can be increased further upon contacting VIP support representatives.

High stakes slots

SlotsSlots are a fun way to pass time. While most land-based casinos operate slots that would qualify you as a high roller if you gamble at least $500 a spin, online casinos can go as low as $45 a spin. So you get to be a high roller for a smaller amount of money and from the commodity of your home. Most online casinos feature different perks for being a slots high roller. The most significant ones are Jackpots. These can reach from a few thousands of dollars to millions. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

High stakes poker

PokerLast, but not least, let’s talk poker. If you are a high stakes player, then you know that poker is the place to get worldwide recognition. Poker is special compared to the other games, due to the fact that in poker players compete against each other, not against the casino. You won’t see many games where players clash in a battle of skill and bet sizes in order to win big money. Now what about the limitations? Prominent poker rooms operators offer high stake poker players tables where fixed limits are as high as $1,000 or even $2,000, while in some multi-table tournaments the buy-ins reach tens of thousands of dollars. High stakes poker games are usually attended by world renowned poker players. You can watch them playing with stakes over $100,000, and if you think you got what it takes, you can even compete with them.

So in the end, as you might have noticed, it pays to be a high roller. After going through the above information you should be able to make educated decisions on the games that offer you the most for your money, as well as the best VIP perks and support. Don’t forget though, it doesn’t matter if your bankroll is $100 or $100,000; you should always know your limits, so be reasonable and have fun!

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