Today there are countless bookmakers, some more famous than others offering different bets in their various sports. How to know which is the best one? How to know which of them offers you the best chances of profit? Well, there is only one answer to this: Comparing them. That is why VIP-IBC, a betting platform for high rollers created by the leader agent BET-IBC, was born. With this account, you will have the opportunity to compare different bookmakers, and bet on the best of them without worrying about limits or market´s liquidity. Do you want to know why VIP-IBC is the best betting software? Keep reading and take some notes!

VIP-IBC platform is not really for the amateur punter, more for sports bettors or high rollers who have been in the game for a while. But do not worry it’s so easy to use that in a short matter of time you will consider yourself a pro. The most important advantage of this betting tool is that you will have access to the best odds and highest limits while only having to keep track of one account. If you check our review for Asian bookies on VIP-IBC you will see that using this platform you will get access to the crème de la crème of Asian bookmakers and a few betting exchanges, including among others: Pinnacle Sports, Sbobet, Maxbet, Betfair, Matchbook, BetISN, Singbet and Betdaq. All these bookies will not limit or close the accounts of long-term and repeat winners, this means EVERYONE IS WELCOMED! Do you need more reasons to start using the VIP-IBC platform? Check this out:

  • Ultra-fast connection for a constant odds updating
  • Bets are automatically placed with the bookmaker/exchange offering the best odds
  • Possibility to bet large amounts and If one bookmaker can’t fill the whole stake wanted, VIP-IBC will place the total bet stake across a number of different bookmakers
  • Opportunity to earn big profits
  • Trendy and classic sports: American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Soccer, Ice Hockey, MMA, Rugby and Tennis
  • Huge variety of markets and types of bets
  • open free betting platform

  • For an optimized betting experience you will have at your disposal three important features: Equivalent Bets, Future Fulfillment and, Put Offer on Exchange
  • For those bettors that are developers and have their own software, VIP-IBC offers API
  • Languages available: English, Chinese, Korean, Romanian and Portuguese
  • Odds can be displayed as Decimal, Hong Kong and American way
  • Good choice for players that can’t access a specific bookie from their countries without using a VPN
  • No sign-up form or KYC needed
  • Wide selection of popular, fast and safe payment methods: Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz, and cryptocurrencies

Recently, they announced that a new service was included in the platform. It is called Skype Brokerage and this new function allows players to bet at the best odds and at the highest stakes without restrictions or the fear of voided bets. For sure, this will increase the level of the benefits players can get from VIP-IBC.

As you can see the VIP-IBC platform advantages are limitless. Do not hesitate and open free betting platform today! Just complete the online registration form with all the necessary information and the great VIP-IBC’s support team will contact you with further instructions. The leading betting agent: BET-IBC and their flagship product: VIP-IBC are waiting for you!

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