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Understanding of Blackjack

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If you play carefully and viably, gambling may be a side income source. The only thing you need to do is know the statistic very well. When you reach the proper balance, you will acknowledge that online gambling is as valuable as gold. However, a lot of players join the gambling world without understanding how things work. The results of such an action can be devastating. Therefore, if you want to have more information about blackjack, let us analyzing blackjack further. On the contrary to some games, blackjack is a profitable game in which you don’t play against other players, you play against the vault. Some amateur gamblers consider blackjack totally as a luck game, understanding its rules and values of the cards will help you improve considerably. When you feel confident enough, you are welcomed to open a Matchbook account and play blackjack via BET-IBC – the best broker you can find!


History of Blackjack

The time when blackjack was invited is a huge mystery. Today, there are theories about its origins. The most known is that it was invited by Romans a few centuries ago. Another popular theory says that it was invited in France, in eighteenth century as “vingt-et-un”, which means “twenty one” in French.

How To Play

Blackjack is a card game commonly played both in real casinos and in online. In a couple of years, different versions of it have appeared but the main goal has always been the same. Mathematically, the goal is cards to be 21 or close to 21. Also, the goal of the vault is the same. The player loses his/her bet if it’s over 21 technically. Let’s try to understand the card values and how they are calculated. Every card has a number on has a value. Cards with pictures on them (including King, Queen and Jack) are worth 10 points. Ace’s high mathematical value is 11, however, it can sometimes worth 1. The player decides which value it will have according to other cards he/she has. All of the other cards are worth to the points they have on them. For example, the value of 6 is 6, the value of 3 is 3, etc.

While Playing Blackjack

Let’s have an example in order to have strong Blackjack foundation. While playing Blackjack, vault gives you two cards and take only two for itself, one is open. At this stage, you decide whether you want to have an additional card, or you want to stop. There are other options as well, such as split, double down or insurance, but we’ll only look at main ones. In this example, vault gives you 4 or 5, so you have 9 (4+5) in total. The open card of the vault is 6. In this case, you decide to ask for a card and you get King. Now, we have 19 (4+5+10) in total and we decide to stop. The vault needs to draw a card now. It needs to draw a cards if it has 16 and under, and to stop if it has 17 or more.
Bu örnekte kasa ikinci kartını açıyor ve bu Kız çıkıyor. In this example, the vault opens its second card and it’s Queen. Total value of the vault is 16 (6+10) now, and it needs to draw a card again. The third card is a Jack, so it passes 21, the total value is 26 (6+10+10). You win the game, and you’ll get paid 1:1. It means that if you have bet 100$, you’ll receive it back with an additional 100$.

Last Words

Blackjack is an exciting game of which different variations are available in a lot of online casinos. They correspond to styles and preferences of gamblers all around the world. Before reaching 21, spare some time and learn the rules by heart!

We assume that you’re pretty much ready to get into the real world of Blackjack. Don’t waste your time, and try to find the best place to play. Because we represent you Matchbook’s casino via BET-IBC. Open a Matchbook account via BET-IBC, and enjoy yourself!

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