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Online Casinos 101 (Part 2)

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Let’s continue with “Online Casinos 101”! The more information you’ll get, the more successful you’ll be. We’d be glad to guide you through one more time.


Is It Legal For Me To Play On Online Casinos?
Unfortunately, we cannot give an exact answer to this one. Each county has different rules regarding gambling and online gambling. If you’re having troubles with your country’s law, please contact with local authorities. You need to know that online casinos ask for your address when you sign up, so it’s their responsibility to know if it is legal for you to play, or not.

Are Online Casinos Fair?
There is a big competition as there are a lot of online casino websites around the internet. If a client is not happy with the service offered, the only thing s/he needs to do is click just once and change to a new one. That’s why big software companies want to be sure that they provide both the highest quality and payment rates. Additionally, they have accountants who arrange these payment rates.

Compared to the standard casinos, winning rates in online casino games are higher. The main reasons are the lower expenses and the competition between online casinos. Yet, online casinos make a great deal of profit because they are aware of the fact that they can also get profit by offering nice games and payment rates. And they know that they have to be fair and present high-quality work in order to have much more reputation and clients. We assure you that you’ll get the best service via Maxbet’s casinos. BET-IBC can help you with that as one the most trustable agents on the market.

How Do I Transfer My Earnings To My Bank Account?
You may come across different methods to transfer your earnings to your bank account. Each online casino website has its own methods. Here are some common ones:

Cheque: Kazancınızı çek olarak alma seçeneğiniz mevcut. It’s possible to get your earnings as a cheque. The cheque is sent to you via e-mail ve it usually doesn’t take more than a couple of days to get it. Some casinos might fine 1$ as the post fee, but it is often free. Also, you shouldn’t forget that some casinos take a certain fee when you withdraw money to your bank account.
Cheque via cargo: For emergency deliveries, your cheque can be sent via companies such as UPS in less than a couple of days. Even it depends on the amount you have earned, they take around 30$ for this kind of service.

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