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High Roller Perks

High roller perks are there to show the most valuable players that they are highly appreciated. This is why they get the best treatment in the industry. In this section you will find information regarding what the casinos have to offer to the most devoted players.

Payment methods

Stack of DollarsAs a high roller, a player has to deal with big transactions. This implies the simple fact that the payment methods available to one are limited, because some payment methods will simply have a certain limit set for a single transaction.

At the same time, the most popular payment methods, like Skrill (Moneybookers) can increase a player’s limit per transaction to tens of thousands of € upon proving identity (which can be done fairly easy by sending a scanned copy of an official identity document, proof of address and so on) and achieving a VIP status by generating a significant turnover, which should not be a problem for any high roller.

Neteller, one of the most used payment solutions in online gambling, has also created a special VIP program to cater to high stake players’ demands. They provide the possibility to increase transaction limits individually for their VIP clients. All a customer has to do is get in touch with their VIP support team, which is available 24 hours a day. Another benefit of Neteller’s VIP program is that VIP customers are entitled to lower currency exchange fees.


High roller casino bonuses and VIP status

VIPLet’s take a moment and talk about high roller casino bonuses. Casinos always try to build a good, trustful and friendly relationship with their customers, because a happy player that is having the time of his life in the casino is good publicity and also a very good income source for the casino. But things don’t stop here.

Casinos go the extra mile for those players who are dedicated to high stakes gambling, namely the high rollers. They get a wide range of high roller bonuses, some of the best being the deposit bonuses. These can reach thousands of € or $, depending on the casino and currency of your choice.

Amber Casino & Club offers some of the best high roller bonuses (reaching thousands of €), so by all means, giving them a try should result in a rewarding experience.

High rollers also get the VIP status, which entitles them to some very special treatment. Most casinos provide their VIP players with the best customer support in the industry. VIP customer support is available 24/7 to solve any issue the customer has in the fastest way possible, answer any questions in the most polite, friendly and professional manner. Some casinos even provide their VIP clients with a personal account manager, which let’s face it, is a very nice treat.

Another way that casinos let their VIP players know they are much appreciated is feedback. Casinos pay attention to  feedback from all of their players, as it is one of the basic elements upon which the durable relationship between the two is built. At the same time, casinos pay extra attention to feedback from their VIP clients. A casino always wants to know what the VIPs like and dislike, so they can cater to their specific needs, because a happy VIP player makes the casino even happier.


VIP level system and VIP perks

carWhen it comes to high rollers, they benefit from a VIP level system, where they get the chance to climb up the ladder and receive bigger VIP levels, thus getting even better bonuses and features. This is especially noticeable when looking at comp points.

Comp points are points that players receive upon placing any bet in any casino games. Different casinos have different point accumulation ratios, for example a 10:1 ratio means that for each 10 units of currency wagered the player receives 1 point. These points can be converted to real money. This is where the top-of-the-line VIP comp point system comes into play. VIP players get better rates for both acquiring and converting comp points.island

Some casinos even provide their VIP players with special rewards and bonuses upon the collection of a certain amount of points. Other casinos grant VIP players access to freeroll tournaments based on the VIP level, where the bigger the level, the bigger the freeroll.

RestaurantA couple of other things you need to keep in mind about the VIP status are how to get it and what additional perks does it grant you. Different casinos have different ways of giving VIP status to their players. The most common mode used is the high deposit one. This means that any player that deposits and plays with large amounts of money (high rollers) automatically becomes a VIP.

Another frequently mode used in conjunction with the aforementioned one is the deposit count. According to it, players get VIP status based on the total number of deposits they have made at the casino. Some casinos even have VIP levels that rely on the number of deposits. And last but not least, a number of casinos grant VIP status to their players using a point system.Private Jet

Speaking of perks, first of all let’s take a moment and thing about what they actually represent. In the casino world, perks are special privileges and rights granted to the most loyal of players, namely VIPs. Perks come in different shapes and sizes, and the best thing about them is that they are free (if we don’t consider the large amounts of money wagered by VIPs in the casinos as a sort of payment for them).

Luxurious YachtThe most popular ones used by casinos all around the world are: tickets to prestigious events, concerts, sports events, matches, shows etc.; access to luxury suites and personnel that fulfills all of the client’s desires; private jet services; dinners and spa treatments and if you’re feeling lonely, casinos will even provide you with someone who’ll make you feel a lot better.

One of the best places offering top-quality VIP benefits is Winner Casino, read our review of this highly respected online gambling provider to find out more!

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